Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 reasons why you shouldn't eat in Hawker Centres

Have you ever encountered any bad experiences when you go to a hawker centre to eat? If you did not, I think you are really lucky.. Go buy 4D... The 5 reasons why you shouldn't eat in a hawker centre are all personal encounters that I had experienced.... Ok so lets start..

  1. Some of the people visiting the hawker centres are real rude. There was this time, I bought a bowl of hot chicken curry noodle, and as I was bringing it to my table, this disgusting uncle that is using his hand phone, walked towards me, and..... He banged onto me.... However, instead of saying sorry he scolded vulgarities, and told the person, he was speaking to, how stupid I was.

  2. The hawkers are uneducated. Once, I walked pass a hawker centre after school, so i decided to buy a packet of Ice Milo. Knowing that the people selling the drinks was Chinese, I spoke to her in Chinese, saying "auntie 我要一包冰milo". Then she started saying "huh?" for like a lot of times even though i repeated that for like 3 times. Then another auntie came and listened to what I said and told her that i wanted Ice Milo. Then that "dumb" auntie, asked me.. "You from China arh? You don't know how to speak English huh?" Then I was damn damn damn irritated.. How can you say I am from China and I do not know how to speak English. It was really an insult to a Junior College student! But I kept quiet and smiled. Then few weeks later, I went back to that hawker centre. I saw the same auntie and this time, I spoke in my fluent and "slanged" English, "Excuse me, can I have a packed of milo with ice?" Then she looked at me and said "Boy arh, You Singaporean don't know how to speak Chinese arh? Why speak english?" WTH!!! First, I spoke Chinese and you said I am from China, now I speak English and you say that how can a Singaporean not speak Chinese. I was so furious. But, I told her nicely, "Auntie, I got A1 for my O level Chinese and B for my A level Chinese. What was your O level english score? Oh my PSLE Chinese was A*, in case you only have PSLE cert..." And I gave her the money and walked away.

  3. The customers there are noisy. Every time I eat in a hawker centre, I could hear some aunties grumbling to the other aunties about everything under the sun, from their children to their husband, from their neighbours to some actresses. And at the other corner, there is always some fat obnoxious auntie, shouting at her children. Sometimes I really pity those children, having a giant that growls as their mother.

  4. Those China beer girl(Auntie) are like so disgusting. NO matter which Hawker Centre you goes to, you can always see some ugly old Beer "Girl", flirting with the old chee ko pek uncles. They never fail to disgust me with their actions and language. Come on la... Singapore is suppose to be a Beautiful Flower City. And these beer girls make Singapore into a Red Light District. God.. SO disgusted.. Shall stop here...

  5. The food there are unhygienic. Once, I ordered my favourite drink, Soya Bean. Then I started pouring the drink into a cup of ice, without looking. Then, as i drink and drink, I found a housefly in my cup of soya bean, in between 2 cubes of ice. God I was so so disgusted that i went to the toilet and vomit. Gosh.. And this is not the only time.. But I shan't talk bout it.. In case I vomit again..

Gosh Thinking of all these, really stop me from wanting to go have dinner or lunch in Hawker Centres. So why don't we opt for restaurants... Here's a picture of a restaurant that I went to in London.

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